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Modal Analysis of a crank shaft

Engineering Challenge: Crank shaft is a large component with a complex geometry in the I.C engine, which converts the reciprocating displacement of the piston to a rotary motion. Crankshaft consisting of shaft parts, two journal bearings and one crank pin bearing. The Shaft parts which revolve in the main bearings, the crank pins to which the big end of the connecting rod are connected, the crank ...

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Optimization of Intake Port of a Diesel Engine

Engineering challenge: Optimization of the inflow through intake ports is very important factor of development of an internal combustion engines. So that the charge movement generated by the intake flow considerably influence the volumetric efficient of the diesel engine. Swirl and tumble motion during the intake stroke determine the nature of the swirling flow in an engine, so CFD simulations and...

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Engineering challenge: Steel hollow sections are commonly used as supporting structures in onshore and offshore engineering. In these structures, the members are jointed together by welding the profiled ends of the brace into the circumference of the chord. The connections between the brace and the chord are defined as structural joints. According to different sectional shapes, the types of struct...

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